Announcement of sale No. 1480492 
Transformer TDNS-10000/35-UHL in the amount of 2 pcs., 2011. Onwards, were not in operation, long-term storage. Complete with oil for topping and maintenance.

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Total cost:18 719 400,00 RUB (including VAT)
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Bid submission deadline:24.04.2020 10:00
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Payment terms:Prepayment in the amount of 100% within 30 calendar days from the date of signing the contract.
Location and terms of delivery:Shipment at own expense after making an advance payment from the Seller’s warehouse at the address: 652860, Myski, Kemerovo region, territory of the Sibirginsky district
Georeferencing:652860, Russia, Kemerovo region, Myski, industrial zone, territory of the Sibirginsky district.
This procedure of request for proposals is not a tender, it is not subject to Articles 447-449, Section 1, Civil Code of the Russian Federation; this procedure is not a public tender, it is not subject to Articles 1057-1061, Section 2, Civil Code of the Russian Federation; Thus, this procedure does not impose on the Organizer an appropriate amount of civil law obligations and reserves the right to refuse all proposals received for any reason or to terminate the selection process at any time without incurring any responsibility to the Participants. Telephones for communication: responsible performer Fazylzyanov Azat Fagilyevich, 8-38475-72482, security specialist at PJSC Southern Kuzbass Alexander Ryazantsev, 8-38475-72323.
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.
Контактное лицо:Плотников Александр Владимирович 8-38474-95320
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