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Fleet rental for navigation 2019g.

Fleet rental for navigation 2019g.

OKDP2 category:  Услуги по аренде судов внутреннего водного транспорта для перевозки грузов с экипажем
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Bid submission deadline:04.06.2019 10:07
Latest editing:15.10.2018 12:01
Responsible person:Ижболдин Алексей Александрович
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Payment terms:by Arrangement.
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Georeferencing:427958, Russia, Udmurt Republic, Kambarskiy

P-N, Kama, ul. Nizhnekamskaya, 2
Good Afternoon. We offer to rent the following units of the Float. Funds:
1) Barge towing structure, Discharge "o", plotovod-608 (project p-33 b) + barge-bunker № 3210 (project r-85)
2) Barge tugboat, Discharge "r", rt-358 (project 911-b) + barge-platform № 3372 (project 942)
3) Barge tugboat, Discharge "p", rt-368 (project 911-b) + barge-platform № 3353 (project 942)
4) Tug "volitional", Tug "brave" (project rm-376)
5) Barge-bunker № 3460 (project r-89)
6) Barge-ferry № 3319 (project 944)
7) Barge "ferry-2" (project 183 Vm)
8) Barge "ferry-22" (project 608-k)
9) Crane KPL 16-30 № 59 (project 81050)
10) Crane KPL 16-30 № 565 (project 81050)

Bodies. "port kambarka" JSC 8 (34153) 3-80-45. El. Mail
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